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Covid-19 Update EHL Campus Passugg

Measures of the EHL Group

EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality in Passugg (EHL SSTH) has developed safety measures for the operation of the campus together with a security team of the EHL Group. Our number one priority is and remains the safety of our students, lecturers and staff.

EHL SSTH strictly adheres to all recommendations of the government and health authorities and additional special measures have been implemented to maintain and protect the health and well-being of the entire EHL community.

Hygiene measures on the EHL Campus Passugg

The following measures are implemented at EHL SSTH in Passugg to protect students, lecturers, staff and guests on campus:

  • Access to the campus is restricted to students, lecturers and staff in order to ensure adequate hygiene and distance. There are restrictions for external visitors. A security check is carried out at the entrance.
  • A health check is required daily at the entrance for all people entering the campus.
  • On the entire campus area (School Hotel, Bachelor Village and Fontana) the mask obligation applies. Also outside the buildings, if the safety distance of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained. Make sure that you wear your mask correctly, it must cover your nose and mouth.
  • An intensive cleaning plan is being implemented on the entire campus including the residential units. Handrails, door handles, restroom facilities, surfaces etc. are cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • The identification and separation of infected persons are strictly regulated.
  • The internal Covid-19 concept and the EHL SSTH quarantine plan were validated and approved by the cantonal health authority.
  • Throughout the campus, markings, signage and posters indicate the rules of hygiene and distance.
  • Room plans and rules of conduct have been established for the use of classrooms, meeting rooms and other enclosed spaces.
  • In the restaurants, seating, distance markings and staggered meal times ensure the appropriate distance.
  • In all outlets, contact lists via QR code are used to record all the people who sit and eat together at the table.
  • In the public areas, near classrooms, meeting rooms and offices, stations with hand disinfectant and cleaning materials are in place for discretionary use.
  • Wherever possible, the physical exchange of cash is avoided.
  • Plexiglass protective barriers can be found at the reception desk, at the cash desks, in the restaurants and, for employees at risk, in some offices.
  • At the food and beverage distribution points, hand disinfection is mandatory upon entry.
  • New IT solutions facilitate the implementation of distance learning and virtual events.

Guidelines for the EHL Campus Passugg

EHL SSTH abides by all recommendations of the local health authorities and has introduced a number of additional special measures to protect the EHL SSTH community.

EHL SSTH abides by all recommendations of the local health authorities and has introduced a number of additional special measures to protect the EHL SSTH community.


For students who, according to the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), come to Switzerland from countries and areas with an increased risk of infection, EHL SSTH provides quarantine accommodation for 10 days on Campus in Passugg.

Arrival must be announced in advance to the Passugg Front Office:

The school is obliged to notify the cantonal authorities of all arrivals from risk countries.

Please find all information on arrival and the start of the new semester in the chapter below: Semester Start and Arrival.

Students, lecturers and staff must confirm before entering the EHL Campus Passugg that they have neither been in risk countries nor show symptoms indicating Covid-19 disease. Anyone who has been on holiday in a risk country must confirm in writing that the 10-day quarantine period prior to admission to the school in Switzerland has been observed.

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Suppliers may only use the entrance to the production kitchen of the Schulhotel Passugg (supplier entrance).

Employees of suppliers must use the hand disinfectant provided and wear a mask.

All delivered goods will be reloaded into our own containers and stored professionally.
It is only possible to visit the EHL Campus Passugg on invitation by students, lecturers or staff. Exceptions can be requested via the Director of Hospitality.

Registration obligation
All guests must fill out the visitor form at the reception in the main building to ensure traceability.

Visitors are accompanied by their hosts (students, lecturers, staff) throughout their stay.
Only a limited number of parking spaces are available on the EHL SSTH premises. Visitors will be allocated a parking space after they have reported to the reception desk.
The restaurants on the campus are reserved for catering for students, lecturers and staff.

External guests can be catered for in the restaurants with prior reservation. All security measures apply. Reservations via:
Smoking is only permitted in the designated areas. The walking routes and guidelines in these areas must be observed.

Hygiene and conduct rules on campus

The following rules apply to all persons staying on the EHL SSTH Campus. Failure to follow the instructions can be sanctioned with a warning.

Everyone is required to follow the general recommendations of the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) in order to protect themselves and others:

  • to keep a safe distance
  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly
  • refrain from shaking hands
  • Coughing and sneezing into a tissue or the crook of your arm
  • Stay at home when symptoms occur
  • Call before visiting the doctor or the emergency room
  • Wearing masks on EHL Campus Passugg is obligatory. In the outdoor areas, a mask must be worn if the safety distance cannot be maintained
  • The possibility of home office for employees must be clarified with the supervisor
Wearing masks in public rooms, kitchens, service areas, and classrooms is obligatory. Masks are available at the reception.

During this time, the face mask is considered an integral part of the EHL SSTH dress code and is discreet in color and design.

Guests on the EHL SSTH Campus receive a free mask at reception. Mask dispensers are available for lecturers and staff in the staff room and offices.

Paper masks are intended for one-time use and can be worn for one day. Please find here instructions on how to wear the mask correctly.

Reusable masks must be washed every day for 8 minutes at least 60° and/or ironed with a steam iron.

In the service and kitchen areas, employees and students use only disposable masks!
In the public areas of the EHL Campus Passugg, near classrooms, common rooms and offices, stations with hand disinfectant and self-service material are available for the disinfection and cleaning of equipment, small objects and work surfaces.

In case of symptoms and/or corresponding coronacheck results you must stay at home or go into quarantine.

An infection with the corona virus can show the following symptoms:

  • Dry cough
  • Sore throat/throat inflammation
  • Breathing difficulties
  • fever or fever-like symptoms
  • Muscle aches
  •  Sudden loss of sense of smell and taste

Rather seldom do these signs appear:

  • Headaches
  • Gastrointestinal complaints
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Common cold

The symptoms of the disease can vary in severity and can be very mild.

Should one or more of these symptoms occur, the affected person must follow the following procedure:

  1. Immediate self-isolation (quarantine/stay at home)
  2. Contact a doctor and/or the school information service: +41 81 255 11 11
  3. Inform superiors (employees) or Student Services (students)

On the campus in Passugg a health check is carried out at the reception. This is to prevent anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 from entering the school hotel.

In case of symptoms and/or failed health check results, you have to go home again or try to find a quarantine possibility with EHL SSTH.

The following check points are performed during the health check:

  • Fever check
  • Questioning according to symptoms
  • Written confirmation of quarantine compliance and freedom from symptoms
  • Information on hygiene measures at EHL SSTH

The inspection is carried out by the EHL SSTH security team.

Students who live on campus and are unable to travel home can obtain information about existing quarantine facilities through our Front Office.

The Front Office Passugg facilitates students who are in quarantine and ensures that regular follow-up checks are carried out.


For students
Front Office: +41 81 255 11 11

Swiss health authorities
Swisscare: +41 44 655 12 59 (for students insured through Swisscare)
Public: +41 58 463 00 00 (8:00 - 18:00)
Passengers: +41 58 464 44 88 (08:00 - 18:00)

Emergencies: 144

On the EHL SSTH campus, markings for distances and walking directions are clearly marked. The prescribed distances must be observed by everyone.
The SwissCovid APP for Smartphones (iOS/Android) helps to break through chains of infection. The use of the app is voluntary and free of charge. The more users use the app, the more effectively it helps to contain the corona virus. It is recommended to install this app on mobile phones.

To reduce the risk of infection by touching surfaces that are used by many people, it is recommended that the following guidelines be followed:

  • Use a "clean key", a practical tool to avoid touching door handles, elevator buttons or other surfaces with bare hands.
  • The open door policy will be implemented during regular office hours wherever possible so that the door handle does not need to be used.
  • The lift may be used by a maximum of one person. Use the stairs in the house.
  • If you touch handrails or other surfaces, wash and disinfect your hands afterwards.

To limit the risk of infection through contact with infected surfaces, the frequency of cleaning and disinfection on the EHL Campus Passugg has been increased and stations with disinfectants are available.

The following rules apply to smaller, closed rooms such as meeting rooms and offices:

  • Wearing a mask is mandatory if other people are present and the prescribed distance cannot be maintained.
  • Avoid using meeting rooms and attempt to meet with Microsoft teams.
  • Avoid face-to-face meetings of more than 30 minutes.
  • Respect the maximum room capacity indicated at the entrance door.
  • Maintain the seating arrangement and do not add more chairs or tables.
  • Do not change the default seating arrangement.
  • Leave doors open if possible.
    Open windows frequently to ventilate the room.
  • Before leaving the room, clean the surfaces and equipment used (remote control, keyboard, table tops, chairs, etc.) with the disinfectant provided in the room.
The following rules of conduct, which apply to classrooms and group rooms, are attached to every classroom door:

  • The obligation to wear masks applies to lecturers and students.
  • Respect the given seating arrangement
  • Use only your personal equipment
  • Respect the maximum capacity that has been set for this room.
  • Do not bring extra chairs or tables into the classroom.
  • Doors and windows should remain open if possible.
  • When leaving the room, make sure that you take all personal belongings with you.
  • Dispose of your waste.
  • Disinfection material for cleaning the surfaces (tables, chairs, equipment) is available in every classroom. Students and lecturers are requested to clean the surfaces of tables and chairs and open the windows when leaving the room.
The general rules of conduct apply in the public areas. Moving furniture and adding chairs in the public areas is not permitted. Anyone using communal furniture (lobby, tables, chairs, piano, PC rooms, photocopiers, etc.) is obliged to clean the areas and equipment used with the disinfectant material provided before leaving.
The capacity for events and functions on the EHL Campus Passugg is limited. It is important to coordinate events using the EHL SSTH event calendar.

All people involved in the organization of events must ensure that hygiene and distance regulations are observed.

Events with 10 to 50 persons must be approved by the EHL SSTH security team. For groups, the relevant contact information of the external guests must be available so that traceability is ensured in the event of a transfer.

Whenever possible, events should be promoted and carried out virtually.

Contact for events and functions:

All toilets and washing areas are cleaned regularly by the EHL SSTH cleaning team. It is important that everyone adheres to the following rules:

  • Use your elbow, a disposable towel or a "clean key" to open the door.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • Use only open or foot-operated waste bins.

Whenever possible, events should be promoted and carried out virtually.

Contact for events and functions:
In accordance with the recommendations of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), unnecessary international travel for personal and professional reasons should be avoided. If you have to travel internationally, it is essential that you inform yourself in advance about local rules and regulations.

International travel by EHL SSTH employees must be approved by their respective superiors.
The classrooms are designed for all learners (HoKo) and students (PIF, HF, Bachelor) for face-to-face and distance learning (livestreaming). The personnel capacity of the individual classrooms requires a corresponding timetable, which is communicated in good time. Due to safety regulations, a "hybrid" form of teaching is necessary. This means that the learning content is taught in a mixture of face-to-face, distance and online lessons.

Services and Support

The fitness room is limited to the simultaneous use of maximum 4 persons.

The sports facility Obere Au is open and available to students.

Wash your hands thoroughly after outdoor activities when you return to the EHL Campus Passugg.

The student kitchens in the TOP (Bachelor Village), in the basement of the school hotel and in the Fontana are approved for a limited number of persons. Cooking in the rooms is prohibited.

The Stübli remains closed until further notice.
EHL has set up a solidarity fund of CHF 1 million to ensure that gifted students whose financial resources have been directly affected by the Covid 19 crisis can continue their studies at EHL. The financial support is provided in the form of interest-free loans which must be repaid after completion of the studies.

The loans are available to cover all or part of the cost of the training. The amounts and duration of the loan are flexible according to the situation. These loans can be applied for in addition to any scholarships.

Here you can find the detailed application procedure.
The EHL SSTH safety concept for student accommodation has been approved by the cantonal health authorities. The applicable rules are posted in the respective accommodation units.

In the restaurants the mask obligation applies to all. During the meal at the table, one may take off the mask.

Specific instructions are posted in each F&B outlet and must be followed along with the instructions of the restaurant managers.

The menus can be accessed via a QR code.

The new seating arrangements take into account the required distance and the maximum number of people per table. No additional chairs or tables may be added without the consent of the Restaurant Managers.

Contact lists are available via QR codes in order to record the contact data of all persons during meals, so that possible chains of infection can be traced.

The waiting areas in front of the dining room and the employment areas in "The Market" and in "The Market - Le Jardin" are marked.

Dining times are divided into several shifts to avoid a crowd of people. The allocated meal times must be respected.

It is recommended that all students, lecturers and staff members make cashless payments.

Semester Start and Arrival

Please find enclosed the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding arrival at the EHL Campus Passugg and the next semester start:


The start of the fall semester is announced as follows:

Swiss Professional Degree (HF)

  • 2-4 August 2021: Arrival and check-in for new students
  • 5-8 August 2021: Introduction weekend for new students
  • 7-8 August 2021: Arrival for returning semester students
  • 9 August 2021: Start of the semester

Bachelor in International Hospitality Management (BSC)

  • 17 September 2021: Introduction Day
  • 20 September 2021: Start of the semester

Students who experience any difficulty with the arrival date, should announce this as soon as possible to Passugg Front Office:

Each student who announces a problem not being able to respect the official arrival date will be contacted individually to find solutions based on their situation (geographic location, travel restrictions, visa restrictions, quarantine requirements), and will be in regular communication with the school for available alternatives.

We offer you the possibility to do your quarantine on our campus upon availability.

For this purpose you will be accommodated in a single room including bathroom and provided with food and beverages. During this time any physical contact with others is prohibited.

If, due to quarantine regulations, your arrival on campus takes place before the official arrival date, you will be charged for the additional costs.

We offer you accommodation and meals (full board) in a package at a price of CHF 75 per day (subject to availability).

If the study semester has already started in the meantime, you can follow the lessons virtually via live streaming. It will be counted as attended class time and you will not receive any absences.

As of 6 July 2020, anyone entering Switzerland from a country or area with a high risk of infection (according to the official FOPH list) is legally mandated to go into quarantine for ten days.

A negative test result does not shorten the quarantine period.

All EHL SSTH students will have to sign the declaration attesting that they either did not have to go into quarantine or that they went into a quarantine in line with the instructions of the Swiss Federal authorities'.

In agreement with the cantonal authorities, it is permitted to travel from the airport to our campus by public transport.

Here you are requested to take the direct route and to wear a mask at all times for everyone's safety.

Yes. As requested by the Swiss cantonal authorities, EHL SSTH will inform them of the students arriving from countries and areas with a high risk of infection.

You can find the list of countries and areas considered with a high risk of infection here.

Invoicing and billing for FS 2021

Please find below the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding billing and invoicing for the spring semester 2021.

 Information on fees, payments, due dates and refunds are set out in the EHL SSTH Fee Regulations.
  • The spring semester starts physically or in distance learning, depending on the programme. The expectation is that all students will return from distance learning to physical classes during the spring semester. Depending on the programme, cohort, practical classes, public hand requirements/etc., there will be various forms of attendance and check-in dates at the EHL Campus Passugg. In order to keep track during this extraordinary period, all fees will be invoiced in full at the beginning of the spring semester and are to be paid unchanged. Depending on the physical attendance and the use of services (academy, meals, accommodation, campus), the final fees will be calculated afterwards (2 weeks after the end of the semester at the latest) and the corresponding credits will be issued.
  • The calculation is based on the applicable fees for the spring semester 2021 (according to the valid/published price lists autumn 2020). It should be noted that the minimum boarding fee of CHF 1'200 is non-refundable for the full amount of CHF 1'200 since summer 2020 (as listed in the published price lists autumn 2020).
  • The full tuition fees are owed unchanged for the entire semester, as the training takes place physically or via distance learning.
  • Services for meals, accommodation, campus, parking fee, etc. will be charged on a pro-rata basis after returning to campus until the end of the semester. Invoicing is per school week after check-in at the front office. The entire school week will be charged if the week has elapsed.
  • Check-in at the front office is compulsory for all returning students; if the date is missing, this will be defined by EHL SSTH (e.g. start of physical lessons, etc.).
  • The refund as the difference between the fees paid and the campus services actually received will be offset against future fees and will be made by means of a credit note for the next semester. Students who complete their studies in the current semester will be paid the net credit after the end of the semester.
  • In the case of substantial student credits, a partial repayment can be agreed upon at the student's request during the course of the semester or after the end of the semester.
  • The further procedure regarding the fee regulation for the coming autumn semester 2021 will be described separately and adjusted according to the COVID situation.
  • All services will be charged as ordered (tuition, meals, accommodation, campus, etc.).
  • In the case of conversion to distance learning, the same procedure applies equivalent to the Covid wave in autumn 2020, i.e. pro rata reimbursement of meals, campus fee and parking fee due to goodwill on the part of EHL SSTH.
  • All services are invoiced at 100% before the start of the semester and must be paid because the physical presence on campus is still unknown at the start of the semester.
  • The tuition fees are owed unchanged for the entire semester, as the training takes place physically or via distance learning.
  • After returning to campus, the services already arranged for meals, accommodation, campus, parking fee, etc. will be invoiced on a pro-rata basis until the end of the semester on the basis of the check-in date - these represent the amount actually owed.
  • The difference to the originally invoiced services will be credited to the student.
  • All services are invoiced at 100% before the start of the semester and must be paid because the physical presence on campus is still unknown at the start of the semester.
  • The tuition fees are owed unchanged for the entire semester because the training continues to take place via distance learning.
  • Benefits for meals, accommodation, campus, parking fee, etc. will be credited in full.