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1 Bachelor, 2 Pathways, 3 Campuses!

What will your Bachelor studies experience at EHL be like?

Learn Hospitality Excellence in Switzerland

Have a passion for the hotel and restaurant industry?

Want every day to bring something new, and a chance to explore the world?

Switzerland is the birthplace of hospitality. What better place to start your successful hospitality career?

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Does this sound like a program you would enjoy?

EHL's Professional Path to its Bachelor focuses on ensuring you develop transferable hard and soft skills in order for you to have what it takes to pursue your dream hospitality career. 

It offers a deeper immersion and broader overview of all the functions of the hospitality industry and extensive internship experience.

Location: This pathway begins in the cozy, hotel-resort setting of the Passugg campus.  Select students will have the opportunity for an exchange semester in Singapore during the bachelor, which finishes with a final semester on the Lausanne campus.

If you are passionate about culinary arts, communication, and hotel management and you wish to gain extensive work experience before graduation, then this pathway is the right one for you.

With this path, you will earn 2 degrees and graduate with 2 years of industry experience making you job-ready!

Discover the details of the program semesters below.

To graduate from the Swiss Professional Degree, you will need two years of hospitality work experience. This can be achieved through prior work experience or internships. 

We recommend you have at least 6 months of work experience before starting the program, but it's not essential. 

What if you don't have any work experience?

No problem, but you will be required to either begin with an on-campus foundation internship semester or to complete an additional operational internship semester. 

What if you have more than 6 months experience?

If you have one year or more of hospitality work experience, you may be credited for up to one year against the work experience requirement of the Swiss Professional Degree (work certificates required). That means you only need to complete one operational internship semester and one managerial internship semester. 

If you want to know exactly what your journey would look like, contact us for more information.

The first semester at EHL Campus Passugg focuses on immersion in practice and self-awareness. You will be introduced to kitchen and service skills by our industry experts. Learn how to take care of your guests as you gain experience in our five in-house restaurants. 

Emotional intelligence and soft skills are essential for success in the hospitality industry. You will be introduced to the basics of our "Affective Hospitality" vision and receive a personal assessment to help you recognize your potential. You will work on self-reflection skills to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and goals. 

At EHL Campus Passugg, we promote team spirit, self-confidence, independence and customer orientation in our students. 

In the second semester, you will dive into the practical side of operations with a focus on the Guest Relations and Room Divisions. In the specially designed front office simulator, you will learn how to greet and communicate guests as well as the ins and outs of the check-in process from our experts. Rooms Division will give you insight into the back-of-house operations of hotel infrastructure.

Internship counselors will give you one-on-one coaching to help you find an internship that will give you the experience you need to pursue your career goals. Workshops on resume writing, interview skills, professional appearance and business etiquette to prepare you for your first internship.

Apply the knowledge you have gained in classes to the real world during your operational internship. This experience is not only a great way for you to start building your professional network, but it shows future employers you have the operational foundation needed to be a truly effective manager in the future. 

Your self-confidence, work ethic and organizational skills are further developed through regular feedback from the internship counsellors and employers. 

Hospitality Management

The fourth semester begins to deepen the management skills needed in the various areas of hospitality within an international context. You will develop your leadership and communication skills as you take on more responsibility and lead the younger classes as supervisors.

You will also get to transfer your knowledge into real projects. By working in a team, you will develop your creative ideas into cohesive project proposals, which you must learn to sell to other students, teachers, and guests. The winning concepts will then be implemented as a pop-up event. 

During the management internship, you may choose to stay in Switzerland or go abroad. 

In the management semester, you will need to combine all your skills, knowledge and experiences from the previous semesters as you transition into a management role in the real-world. 

Regular feedback and reflection will help you further develop your leadership and communication skills.

The final semester of the Swiss Professional Degree allows you to focus on your specific interests. You can choose between two majors:

Using best practice cases and workshops, you will discover how to construct emotions and deliver exceptional guest experiences. Through practical projects and business plans, you will work in teams to apply networked thinking and problem-solving skills to develop your own ideas.

You will also complete an individual diploma thesis, which tests your critical thinking and research skills and allows you to deepen your knowledge of a contemporary area of hospitality management. 

During your first semester as a bachelor student, you will join what is the third bachelor semester.

Through classroom projects, you will dive into advanced management concepts and their application in the following subject areas:

  • Revenue Management
  • Talent Management Systems
  • Legal Awareness
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Customer Information & Distribution
  • Channel Management
  • International Services Marketing
  • Foreign Languages

In the final year, you will apply the knowledge and skills you have gained to become a business strategist and consultant during the Strategy Challenge.

You will integrate all of your prior experience and industry knowledge and further develop your skills in business innovation and strategy with:

  • Corporate Strategy
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Hotel Asset Management
  • Research Methodology
  • Project Management
  • Market Research

During this semester, select students will have the opportunity for an exchange semester in Singapore. 

During your final bachelor semester, you can choose three elective courses depending on your interest and career aspirations, so you can tailor-make your skillset depending on where you want to go after graduation. 

In the final year, you will apply the knowledge and skills you have gained to become a business strategist and consultant.

  • An Individual Bachelor Thesis
    Your task will be to find a solution to an industry-specific problem using qualitative and/or quantitative research methods. You will be supervised by an experienced faculty member, who will coach you in the methods needed to succeed.
  • A Student Business Project.
    Put your research and analytical skills to work as you work in a team as student consultants to provide recommendations for real problems in real companies.

At graduation, you will have the hard skills to manage all key areas in the hospitality business and provide effective and innovative solutions, taking into account environmental, social and ethical issues. You will also know how to think critically and apply knowledge in the hospitality industry by gathering and interpreting relevant data, to make informed decisions.

In the area of soft skills, you will learn to be an effective communicator, leader, and autonomous professional using all of your experience, senses and service culture to interact with confidence, enthusiasm, and creativity in a professional environment. When you leave EHL, it’s only the beginning as you become a life-long learner, always seeking greater knowledge and connections.

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