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EHL Campus Passugg SSTH outside of School Hotel

Allegra and Welcome to our EHL Campus Passugg!

Our Campus in Passugg is located near Chur, the oldest town in Switzerland, at 829 meters above sea level. Previously a health resort with healing water springs, today we are a campus of the EHL Education Group, striving to train future hoteliers.

Here you will find state-of-the-art classrooms and cozy meeting places with colleagues. We offer you a variety affordable accommodation options directly on our campus.

Get to know students from all over the world and immerse yourself in other cultures. Spend your free time with us on campus while exploring the mountains of Graubünden and Switzerland with your new friends.


Unique location

The EHL Passugg Campus also known as SSTH is unique, with breathtaking views of the mountains and surroundings of Chur, the oldest city in Switzerland. Here, history meets nature and culture. At our campus in Passugg, an international, friendly atmosphere reverberates in the corridor, with the many languages and laughter to be heard. Become a part of the SSTH family!

The over 150-year old school hotel building was once an internationally renowned spa hotel with various healing mineral springs. Even today, the SSTH students can still drink the fresh spring water directly from the tap and enjoy it - perhaps this gives them the additional strength for their studies?

The Campus in Passugg extends itself over several buildings. In addition to the main building - where you can eat in five different in-house restaurants, while having a well-deserved break between lessons and studies - our students also live and study in Fontana and the Bachelor Village.

Classrooms - or where the expertise is elevated in you

Classes are held in modern facilitated rooms, all equipped with multimedia stations and projectors. We communicate the latest trends with the latest media.

Media center

Whether academic projects or private tasks, this requires a modern workplace and electronic devices. The Media Center, equipped with computer stations with laptop connections, printers, copiers and scanners, can be used by students for research work and project preparation.

Group rooms

No matter in which industry or which company: You can't do without teamwork. SSTH students learn how to work successfully in teams and how to manage them. Team and group work play a central role in hotel management studies, in which the focus is on the individual. Various group rooms and attractive meeting points are available for this purpose.

Demo kitchen and learning patisserie

Cooking to perfection and delicious dessert creations succeed in the demo kitchen and our in-house patisserie. Thanks to a camera on the ceiling, all work processes of students are recorded and later analyzed and optimized together with experts.

A multisensory restaurant as digital classroom

a unique culinary and multisensory experience in the digital classroom and restaurant at SSTH

In the Elysium, the digital classroom of the SSTH, students experience first-hand how emotionally charged experiences can arise. Exclusive gourmet cuisine is combined with the latest digital effects to create a unique experience. A new art form of hospitality. SSTH enriches the guest's experience with animations, projections, sound and scent effects to address guests multisensory and create an unprecedented gastronomic performance.


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Board and Lodging

Our five in-house multi-cuisine restaurants

We have five in-house restaurants run by students and supervised by teachers with expertise in their respective fields. They train our students from scratch, ensuring that they learn the right way of serving and cooking according to the standards taught at EHL Campus Passugg.

the greatest sushi and poke specialties served at ssth umami restaurant


Our "Umami" restaurant is completely dedicated to Asian cuisine. Enjoy Asian specialties such as sushi, poke and noodle soups prepared by students under the guidance of Stephan at a live cooking station. Have you tried Stephan's delicious flambéed California Roll?


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great service and regional specialties at ssth inhouse restaurant da fortunat

Da Fortunat

The restaurant "Da Fortunat", formerly Paulaners, is dedicated to regional Swiss cuisine. Regional and organic products play the main role here. Have you ever heard of Maluns or Capuns? Manfred welcomes you and gives you the opportunity to discover cuisine and specialities from Grisons.


Interested in how we teach Sustainability in Culinary Arts?

campigiana bistro is the meeting point for students and faculty


The "Campigiana", our bistro and bar, is the heart of the school. Students, lecturers and staff meet here for coffee and a croissant. Or are you in the mood for something healthy? Then try Giuseppe's seasonal smoothie creations! At lunchtime, there are various options you can choose from like burgers, sandwiches and tarte flambée.

In the evening, the bar becomes a meeting place for students. Enjoy a glass of wine or a beer with friends from all over the world.

Fine Dining experience at the essence at ehl campus passugg

The Essence

"The Essence" is about the core of a gastronomic education. In the dining room, students learn how to set a table with formal style, and modern plating in a classy way. There are two types of services here: Guéridon platter service, in which you learn to carve and serve in front of the guest and on the other hand a banquet service. As a guest, you can enjoy a freshly prepared, classic 3-course menu including wine service and coffee at the end.

great sweet desert buffet in the market

The Market

In the self-service restaurant of the SSTH, called "The Market", things get a little faster. Students, lecturers and staff can choose what they like best from a buffet of salads, main courses and desserts. Some dishes are prepared directly in front of the guests according to the Marché principle.


Do you want to get a taste of one of our in-house Restaurants?

We would love to welcome you and show you our EHL Campus Passugg personally.

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Enjoy your morning coffee or tea with a fascinating view of the mountains and forests, which change colour and are snow-covered depending on the season. 

Living with us means feeling at home

SSTH students have a beautiful view of the Swiss mountains from their roomsThe EHL Passugg campus is home to approximately 250 apprentices and students from all over the world. They are accommodated in the school hotel as well as in the Fontana and the Bachelor Village. Approximately 160 single and double rooms form the new home of our students and we are continuing to expand.

Accommodation in our school hotel means benefiting from an excellent learning environment and modern infrastructure. A security service guarantees 24/7 protection on campus.

Questions about room categories, equipment and prices? Our study advisors are there for you!

Interested in visiting our lovely boutique Campus and getting to know us?

Find here the dates for our Info Days at EHL Campus Passugg

Leisure Time

Have fun on our campus outside of your studies

Spending your free time on our international campus is fun. We have our own gym, a basketball court and are planning a running track in the forest. On the other hand, would you rather do something cozy? Then play outdoor chess with your colleagues at Fontana, challenge your friends in table tennis or come together at one of our numerous meeting points.

From the campus to the slopes? No problem. Great skiing and hiking areas and many other sports facilities are in the immediate vicinity of our school. We have a collaboration with a sports center in Chur, where you will find fitness facilities, an indoor swimming pool and a sauna. This gives pure energy.

Discover the surroundings – Graubünden, our world of experience

Studying in Switzerland - especially in the fantastic mountains of Graubünden - means not only work, but also fun, nature and lifestyle. Graubünden is known as the number one tourism canton in Switzerland and is ideal for studying hotel management and getting to know the tourism business from top to bottom.

A few fun facts: In Canton Graubünden there are approx. 150 valleys, 615 lakes, 937 mountain peaks up to Piz Bernina at 4,049 meters above sea level.

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Graubünden is famous for its undisturbed alpine region, good weather and cozy mountain huts. Here you will find some of the most famous ski resorts in Europe: St. Moritz, Scuol, Arosa, Davos, Lenzerheide and Flims/Laax.

The summer half of the year is enjoyed by many Grisons residents and newcomers like you with sports such as biking, hiking and golf. The river in the Rhine Gorge is just as fascinating as the Ela Park with its mountain streams and stone steps. Motorcyclists appreciate the popular mountain pass roads of San Bernardino, Splügen, Julier, Lukmanier and Oberalp, which meander past meadows full of Alpine herbs and bell-bearing cows. In addition, if you experience your first alpine glow at sunrise or sunset, you will not want to leave so quickly anyway.

Chur - Our Go-To Destination

EHL and SSTH students shopping in the town of Chur

We are only 10 minutes away from Chur, which is not only the capital of the canton of Graubünden, but also the oldest city in Switzerland. The first findings date back to the Stone Age. The old town is reminiscent of the imprint of an advent calendar, as the small houses with their pointed roofs crowd together and form cozy alleys. There are shops and cafés that make you want to take walks and stroll around it. Snow-capped mountains and serene nature surround it.


Discover Chur - The Swiss Alpine City

EHL SSTH students discover Switzerland and nearby Europe in their free time

From Chur you can reach all towns, it is the connecting city between north and south. It is an important traffic junction, where train, bus and tram meet. In addition, you notice that the south cannot be too far, as there are many tropical nights here in summer (at least 20°C at night). The greatest European cities like Munich, Milan or Paris are only a few hours away and worth a weekend excursion.


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The country of Switzerland - your new home

Switzerland is quickly going to become your favorite country. Especially when you dare to think outside the box and leave the clichés of chocolate and cheese fondue behind you.

Here you can enjoy a high quality of life: pure nature, clean air, pretty towns, palm trees in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland and crêpe on Lake Geneva. High mountains or southern ambience, cosmopolitan flair or untouched landscapes: every region in Switzerland has its own characteristics and all are at your feet.

We have no sea in Switzerland, but about 1,500 lakes

Switzerland is a democracy

Germany, Austria, France, Italy and the Principality of Liechtenstein cover us on all sides of the country.

Switzerland has 8,544 million inhabitants, more than 2 million of whom are foreign nationals. It is a very international atmosphere in the country.

There are four official languages in Switzerland: German, French, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanic. However, many Swiss also speak English, as this language is already learnt in primary school.

Our Services

We are here for you

Various services will make your life on our campus easier:

Front office – point of contact for all your needs

The Front Office is the first point of contact for all questions. Here you will be issued with your student ID card, which you can use to get discounts when going to the cinema or at mountain railway or public transport companies. Sigi and her team are also happy to take care of the postal service.

A night porter will be available for you from 7.30 p.m. Would you like to book a room or are you expecting guests? Our Front Office team also does the room reservation as well as the registration for overnight guests.

Laundry and dry cleaning

Each floor of the school hotel has its own laundry room with washing machine, dryer, ironing board and iron. While there is no additional charge for the washing machines in school, you can however, pay to have your clothes dry-cleaned.

Student kitchen and barbecue evenings

Would you like to cook among your friends or conjure up international specialties in a group? Then the student kitchen is at your disposal. A complete grill equipment is also available.

Storage room – protecting your treasures

If you are on holiday or doing an internship, you can store your personal belongings and sports equipment in our school hotel. We give you enough storage space.

Parking spaces

A limited number of parking spaces are available for a price; please contact the Front Office for further information.

Short FAQ

We answer your most urgent questions


Of course we have WLAN throughout the house so you can complete your e-learning units, work online or watch your beloved Netflix series in the evening - perhaps together with your new friends?

You can choose between single and double rooms. The facilities also vary in terms of bathroom, location and view. This is reflected in the prices. We try to consider your preferences as much as possible.

An average class at the SSTH has between 20 and 25 students. The classrooms have a capacity of up to 28 students.

Currently about 350 students are enrolled in the three different courses: HoKo (Apprenticeship Degree), HF (Swiss Professional Degree) and BSc (Bachelor of Science).

20 different nationalities live and study together on the EHL Campus Passugg. About 60 percent come from Switzerland, the rest of the international students from Asia - China, Korea, Nepal, India - followed by Europe and the USA.

There are organized leisure activities, such as regular football evenings or shuttles to the sports center for swimming and fitness. There are plans to expand the range of activities so that students can discover and experience Passugg and the surrounding area together.


Visit us and get to know the SSTH Community!

You can visit our campus at any time and get to know us. We also hold regular information days. We are happy to open our doors for you, come and see us!


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