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The EHL Campus in Passugg, Switzerland, teaches hands-on hospitality skills. It is a member of the EHL Group, the world's No. 1 hotel management school.


Passugg, where hospitality is lived!


Campus in the mountains of Switzerland

This is what life at the EHL Campus Passugg looks like

What makes us stand out

The professional pathway at the No. 1 hotel management school

We live the highest quality standards. With our strong focus on combined academic and practical learning, our students gain a comprehensive understanding of the hospitality industry and convince future employers.

In the international hospitality industry, professionals with high social competence, intercultural skills and entrepreneurial thinking are in high demand. We put this into practice with our competence-oriented management training.

The intimate learning environment and unique Alpine surroundings create the perfect setting for an intuitive and sensitive approach to hospitality and hotel management of tomorrow. Our vision is to empower students to create guest experiences in which people feel at home.

International students from different countries study together at EHL Campus Passugg

Swiss Professional Degree

Specialists and managers are in great demand in the hotel and tourism industry. We train the talents of tomorrow; are you one of them?

Bachelor studies at the EHL Hotel Management School Passugg

Bachelor in International Hospitality Management

The development of management and leadership skills is the focus of the renowned EHL Bachelor's degree.

International students at EHL learning toghether in team projects

Start your studies at EHL Campus Passugg

Be a part of one of the top hospitality management schools in Switzerland.

EHL Hospitality Management School Passugg

We are a Member of the EHL Group

The EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality in Passugg (SSTH) has been part of the EHL Group since 2013. The EHL Group is also the owner of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), the oldest and most famous hotel management school in the world.

EHL and SSTH work closely together; the educational courses dovetail and are constantly being adapted to the latest needs of the hospitality industry. Since its inception in 1893, EHL has trained over 25,000 managers for the hotel industry.

Your unique advantages

Why should you choose the EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality in Passugg?

There is no better place to study hospitality and hotel management than in Graubünden, the No. 1 tourism region in Switzerland. No other canton in Switzerland has more 4 and 5 star hotels and the campus near Chur is beautifully embedded in the Swiss mountains.

Visit our campus to learn more!

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the ehl students of the hotel management school passugg switzerland gain important practical experience in internships

Gain extensive work experience at the operational and management level during your studies

the ssth students get to know swissness and the finest delicacies during their studies of hotel management

Gain experience in implementing innovative concepts and industry trends

culinary arts is a study focus at the ssth hotel management school passugg

Customize your studies by specializing in Culinary Arts or Spa & Wellness Management

students from over 20 nations live and learn together on the ehl campus passugg

Over 30 nationalities learn and live together on the EHL Campus Passugg; here you breathe internationality

hotel management students of the ssth can stage events

Our affective hospitality vision focuses on the nurturing of social skills: you gain soft skills, emotional competence and communication skills


ssth students work out business concepts together

Benefit from a familiar and intimate learning environment with mindfulness: here you are treated as a personality and not as a number



Your way to the top, thanks to a real foundation!


An education with future prospects

Careers in the hospitality industry often start at the EHL Campus Passugg

Sugandha Saxena became chef and entrepreneur after her SSTH studies

Study hospitality in an international melting pot

Sugandha Saxena SSTH Alumna 2010, from New Delhi, India, is a chef and entrepreneur. This is how she remembers her time at the EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality in Passugg:

"The EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality Passugg is a melting pot of different cultures that come together to learn the art and processes of the hospitality and service industries. It is also located in one of the most beautiful places where every person can be blessed to study there."

Get to know Sugandha Saxena

Andrea Werth is a member of the national cooking team and studies at the EHL Campus Passugg

Crowning the culinary art with Olympic gold

Andrea Werth (27) from Bonaduz, Switzerland, has already demonstrated her culinary talent in renowned restaurants. But she has also been successful outside of restaurants: in 2015 she was named Young Chef of the Year. She is currently studying at the EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality in Passugg and is also training for the Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart.

Get to know our hotel management student and her ambitions


Connect with your peers

The SSTH alumni network spans five continents: From Africa to Asia and from Europe to South and North America. Homecomings in Passugg, meetings at local conventions and a lively exchange via social media, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, keep the community alive. This often results in suggestions for current trends or new professional perspectives.

Browse through our testimonials

Discover the EHL SSTH Alumni Network

Learn more about qualifications and rankings of hotel management schools in Switzerland

How can you judge which Swiss hotel management school is most suitable for you?

No degree without connectivity

As a member of the EHL Group, the world's No. 1 hotel management education institution, EHL students at the EHL Campus Passugg are free to pursue further education and degrees.

Within the EHL Group, you benefit from a unique and recognized educational program: from the Swiss Professional Degree to the EHL Bachelor's degree in International Hospitality Management. This will open all doors for you nationally and internationally.

Elysium the multisensory culinary experience

Elysium - the multisensory culinary experience

Experience the future of gastronomy in the multisensory restaurant Elysium! In the prototype restaurant Elysium, guests are invited on an extraordinary journey. In a unique art form, the EHL SSTH combines exclusive gourmet cuisine with the latest digital achievements to create a unique experience.

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Study in one of the oldest tourism cantons of Switzerland

Experience the over 100-year-old school hotel in the mountains of Switzerland

during summer time at SSTH in passugg it is great to spend time with friends on the sunny terrace

You live and study in a school hotel with history

The hotel management school is a former spa house and has a history of over 100 years. The grandeur of the building and the internationality of the spa guests can still be felt everywhere. The students live and study in this unique environment. You too can be inspired by the unique ambience of the school hotel!

Get to know the campus

Experience the EHL Hospitality Management Passugg during a school tour

Get to know us during a school tour

Would you like to work in the hotel, gastronomy or tourism industry and are you thinking of further education? Then plan your future with us now!

We invite you on a school tour at the EHL Campus Passugg. Here you can learn more about the training and career opportunities in the hospitality industry and get to know the school hotel during a tour.

Experience the EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality in Passugg live - register today for a school tour.

The EHL Campus Passugg is an IELTS test location for English language examinations in Graubünden

We are an IELTS test site

The EHL Campus Passugg is an official IELTS test centre for students and the public. IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System and is a worldwide recognized test for the proof of English language skills. More than 6,000 educational institutions, government institutions and organizations in 120 countries recognize IELTS as binding proof of English language skills making the IELTS test one of the most widely used English tests in the world.

The dates for the test days will be published on the website
a warm welcome at the reception of the school hotel passugg by sigi and carola

We are here for you

A warm welcome

Our friendly team in reception of the school hotel of the EHL Campus Passugg will be happy to answer your questions or concerns at any time.

Our opening hours
Monday - Friday:

07:30 am - 12:15 pm / 01:30 pm - 4:30 pm 
Tel. +41 81 255 11 11
Reception is not staffed on the weekends.


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