Start a career in hospitality thanks to internship experience

Start a career in hospitality thanks to internship experience

Language learning or traveling? If you decide on a hospitality career, exciting opportunities await you thanks to practical experience.


To really be able to lead, you have to know and master the basics.



Why choose a career in hospitality and hotel management

If you choose a career in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry today, you are betting on a leading and growing industry worldwide. A wide range of professional opportunities and exciting challenges await you, with jobs that offer the most freedom or work abroad. No question, a career in hospitality has exciting job prospects.

Hospitality is a growth industry

The travel and tourism industry is one of the world's top-selling industries and is on a growth path. Jobs in the travel industry and jobs in the hotel industry will account for about 1 in 10 jobs worldwide in the future.

In the hospitality industry, it is no surprise that many exciting positions will be created or filled in the near future. Maybe you'll find a dream job in hospitality as well?

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Hospitality skills make you fit to find a dream job

These figures do speak for themselves, but there is much more. The opportunities for young talents in hospitality are varied and exciting. Do you want to be a team leader after your studies, organize events, become a hotel manager or start your own business?


10 questions to ask yourself when choosing a career


With a hotel management degree in your pocket, you will have countless professional career opportunities. In the course of your studies at EHL Campus Passugg, you will not only get to know all the operational processes of a company through many internships and practical courses, but you will also be able to manage them reliably and competently thanks to sound management knowledge and the necessary soft skills.

The practical, theoretical and social skills you gain with a hotel management degree will make you a sought-after employee not only in the hospitality industry. Hospitality skills are in demand across all industries.

Learn more about the importance of practical experience for your career start

learn soft skills with affective hospitality studies at the EHL hotel management school passugg

Affective Hospitality Studies at EHL Campus Passugg

The EHL Campus Passugg (EHL SSTH) not only teaches practical and theoretical knowledge, but also places a strong focus on social skills, often called soft skills.

A good sense of self as well as your colleagues strengthens self-confidence and social awareness: The ideal career prerequisite for all future hosts and team leaders. Soft skills are in demand across all industries and are the foundation for landing your dream job.

Hospitality Career

The advantages of a hospitality career

Working in the hospitality industry brings many advantages. No day is like any other and you have a lot to do with people from all over the world. Hospitality careers:

  • are jobs with the most freedom
  • form the basis for language learning
  • enable you to work abroad
  • teach you everything you need to know to start your own business
  • are ideal if you want a job working with people

Career goals in hospitality management

Many hotel and tourism businesses worldwide rely on a quality education and graduates from Swiss hotel management schools. The hospitality industry offers a wide range of positions internationally for all interests and skills. Find a dream job in one of the following areas:

The list of possibilities is almost endless and a comprehensive education in hospitality management and tourism can also open the door to other professional fields, such as consulting, education, sales and banking, just to name a few.

Professional career with a hospitality management degree

The professional career with a hospitality management degree from a renowned Swiss hotel management school opens up many career opportunities. Our graduates were employed in the following positions after completing their hotel management degree:

A sound hospitality education can also open doors to other fields of employment, such as in marketing, sales and human resources at banks and insurance companies.

These hotels are popular employers for our graduates

Our worldwide network of graduates and partners can support you in finding an exciting job after your hospitality management degree at EHL Campus Passugg. Find below a few examples of hotels where EHL SSTH graduates work:


Browse through the experiences of our students


After earning your hospitality management degree, you are welcome to join our network of alumni, who are spread all over the world and will support you in achieving your career goals.

Get to know our EHL SSTH Alumni

Interested in a hospitality management degree?

Our study programs at EHL at a glance


Professional experience will boost your career start

A Swiss hotel management degree is strongly practice-oriented. Before hotel management students enter their last study semester, they must have completed at least 24 months of work experience. This work experience is gained, among other things, in paid internships in Switzerland and in the second management internship, optionally also while working abroad. Numerous students of EHL Campus Passugg decide to pursue their hotel internship abroad.

Knowledge of the industry and practical experience offer students a competitive advantage and contribute significantly to their professional success. This gives young professionals a great career start when they are seeking their first job after graduation.

Learn more: Rapid integration into working life

A large network of internship companies

EHL Campus Passugg has a large global network of internship companies and maintains an active exchange with them. The Career Services Team supports students in choosing an internship company and can also help if problems arise. At the end of the internship, students evaluate each company and this information is also made available to future interns, helping them to choose the company that best suits their needs.

Our internship companies

Selected businesses (list not all-inclusive):

Internship Experiences

Our students at EHL Campus Passugg share their experiences and tips from their internships!

Tip: How to stand out as an intern

« The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the internship at the Four Seasons hotel is support! My supervisors and managers have been extremely supportive. Every assignment was explained very well and they always gave me a lot of confidence and the knowledge that I would achieve it. »
Internship at the Four Seasons hotel in Turkey
Iris Nisanyan
Internship in Human Resources at the Four Seasons Bosphorus, Turkey
« For an intern, the Pullman Hotel is a good learning environment and everyone is willing to teach you your role in the organization. If you show a willingness to learn, you will also be rewarded with more tasks and responsibilities that will be assigned to you. »
Internship in Sales and Marketing at Pullman Dubai Creek City Center in Dubai UAE
Eranjith Gamage
Internship in Sales and Marketing at Pullman Dubai Creek City Center in Dubai UAE
« The whole process of getting used to the internship took about a week, and after two or three weeks I was quite satisfied with what I had to do. The support from the hotel was fantastic; the teams I work with directly are patient, understanding and a lot of fun. »
Internship in Finance at Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam
Nicholas Gnaegi
Internship in Finance at Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam
« During my internship at the Hotel Baur au Lac I had the opportunity to meet many students from hotel management schools from all over the world. Not only is there a strong presence of interns in the hotel, but I can see how some of these interns decide to come back to the Hotel Baur au Lac after their internship in order to further their professional development, as I myself decided to do. »
Internship as Housekeeping Supervisor at Baur au Lac Zurich, Switzerland
Federica Sandrini
Internship as Housekeeping Supervisor at Baur au Lac Zurich, Switzerland
« This is not a place for a person who is too comfortable to work and just wants to enjoy. If the restaurant owner is busy, there is no time to lounge around. Everything must be done perfectly and on time. So I would recommend this place to students who are willing to get to know new and different cultures as a kitchen intern. This is the perfect place to gain some valuable experiences for their future career and life. »
Culinary internship at the Hotel Mont Cervin Palace Zermatt, Switzerland
Pasindu Vithanage
Culinary internship at the Hotel Mont Cervin Palace Zermatt, Switzerland


Profit from various services


Job platform and internship positions

Thanks to our partnership with, recognized companies, students, and alumni of EHL SSTH benefit from a comprehensive industry network with many work and career opportunities. Recognized employers not only find highly qualified and motivated employees but are also able to publish their internship positions on the job portal free of charge.

We are looking for internships in operational and management positions for our students of the Swiss Professional Degree, starting mid-December and the beginning of June for a period of 6 months.

job portal: Hotelcareer


This is how you can easily have an internship position posted:

  1. Download the form and fill in the details of the internship.
  2. Send the completed form in Word format plus images to
  3. The internship position will be validated by the Career Service Team and posted on the portal.

Companies that would like to explicitly address students of the EHL Campus Passugg can send us a PDF file to be posted at the job board of the school.

Form for the registration of internships


Important documents:

Service und Küchen Exzellenz gelehrt an der EHL Hotelfachschule Passugg

Book students for short-term assignments

Students of EHL Campus Passugg can be booked for short-term assignments at events and for temporary substitutions:

  • Service Assignments
  • Kitchen Assignments
  • Buffet, Office
  • Housekeeping

We are generally very interested in such assignments as a practical experience opportunity for our students. However, we cannot always guarantee availability due to the school's busy schedule. Please contact Mrs. Ladina Moen regarding availability and terms and conditions.

contact Ladina Moen

EHL SSTH Career Day

Registration for the EHL SSTH Career Day

EHL Campus Passugg is pleased to see the great interest in the event and offers participating companies drinks and food for a maximum of 2 persons during EHL SSTH Career Day. For the stand, a contribution towards expenses of CHF 100 for a spot in the school building and CHF 350 for a spot in the lobby will be charged. If you would like to participate in this event with your company, we would be pleased to receive your registration.

We will keep you informed about the start of the registration for our next EHL SSTH Career Day.

Our Recruiting Event

The EHL SSTH Career Day is a recruiting event for students of the EHL Campus Passugg. The annual event provides insights into the fascinating working world and career opportunities in the hospitality industry.

Tip: How do I find the internship that suits me best?

Unternehmenspräsentation am EHL SSTH Career Day

Corporate presentation and job recruiting

Companies use EHL SSTH Career Day to present themselves to young, committed students and to recruit motivated and highly trained talents for their business.

Networking am EHL SSTH Career Day

Networking for career

In the stylish atmosphere of the EHL SSTH in Passugg, students have the opportunity to have personal conversations with the companies to find out about career opportunities and internships. Networking for career is the motto.


Seizing opportunities at a job interview

Students who have already applied for jobs can also be interviewed on this day. The job application tips from our workshops will be applied!

austausch und networking mit rennomierten hotels und betrieben

Exchange with renowned companies

In recent years, renowned hotels and hospitality businesses from all over Switzerland, international hotel groups, cruise lines, airlines and other international tourism businesses have participated in EHL SSTH Career Day. The exchange among like-minded people is important.

Career Services

Our Career Services for you

Students of EHL Campus Passugg receive comprehensive support during and after their studies with regard to questions about internships and careers. Support in finding a suitable internship position and mentoring during the internship period are aimed at providing the best possible preparation for your career start. After all, the right internship place is decisive for the quality of the knowledge acquired.

Our Career Services at a glance:

Networking for career is key! The EHL SSTH Career Services team maintains active contact with national and international partner companies that regularly offer internships. At the end of the internship, the students evaluate each company in an internship report, which provides valuable information for future interns.

The members of the Career Services team have sound industry experience and training in consulting and coaching. Thanks to this expertise, students are optimally prepared for their internships in workshops. Individual one-on-one coaching ensures personal contact between the internship supervisors and students. After the successful application phase, which may include job interviews and taster days, EHL SSTH Career Services draws up the internship contracts and takes care of submitting work permits for students from abroad.

During the internship, students deepen their appreciation of theory learned during the study semesters through practical experience and reflect on their experiences with the help of agreements on objectives and regular journal entries. The internship visits, which are carried out once every six months in Swiss companies by specialist teachers and the Career Services team, serve as an exchange between the school, the company and the students. With the feedback received, the practice-oriented school programs of EHL SSTH are continuously developed. Interns abroad are guided online and by telephone.

The EHL SSTH Career Services team is available to assist students with career advice. Not only during, but also after the study period, various tools are made available to students and companies for filling vacancies and finding jobs.

Presentations of international hotel companies or theme workshops for internship companies serve to establish contacts and provide information between potential employers and students. Interested companies from the hospitality and tourism industry have the opportunity to present themselves to students on site.

In addition to Career Day, hotel companies from abroad in particular can introduce themselves to students directly on the EHL Campus Passugg. At these regular evening events, hotels present their businesses and demonstrate the career opportunities. Following the presentation, usually on the following day, there is the opportunity to conduct on-site recruitment interviews for internships or permanent positions with interested students.


Our Career Services team

Introducing our Career Services team at EHL Campus Passugg:

Mr. Frank Richard Giannotti

Internship Supervision HFe, Lecturer Internship Preparation, Rhetoric, Food & Beverage Control, Acting F&B Manager

Telephone +41 81 255 17 06

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Mrs. Renate Blaser

Internship Supervision HFd, Lecturer Internship Preparation

Telephone +41 81 255 17 00

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Frau Manuela Villinger

Internship Supervision HoKo, Lecturer Internship Preparation

Telefon +41 81 255 18 85

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