A dangerous invitation: Do you have the courage to follow it?

Join us on a mysterious journey. A unique hotel experience - operated by young talents.


Summon up your courage and accept our invitation. You're a part of this, you know that?

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and book your ticket today for a hotel experience of the mysterious kind. Find out for yourself whose guest you are. We promise you - you will be surprised!

Get to know your other side and try to decipher the mystery:

Who actually plays what role here?

A journey into another time

The '70s are back

Immerse yourself with us in the year 1973. Step over the threshold of our hotel into a different reality. An age known for upheavals and changes, both socially and politically.

Orange wallpaper, disco balls and bell-bottom jeans were omnipresent. But it was also a time when people still knew


Who is «good» and who is «evil»…

Keep the secret! Pssst…

You are entering precisely during the phase of upheaval and uncertainty. In times of crisis it is important to stick together. But who are you fraternizing with?

The world powers are wobbling, the fragile balance can quickly topple over. And you are right in the middle of the action. But that's all we'll say at this point, WE can keep secrets...

Where the journey takes you


You can park your car on the public parking lot in the village entrance of Tschiertschen or arrive by public transport.

We will take care of your transfer to the Hotel Alpina in Tschiertschen.


Hedonic Value Payment

Young Talent Foundation

As an innovative hospitality school we give our young talents the space to test new ideas and models.

For the first time, you as a guest can evaluate live on site how your experience including pleasure and emotion should translate into monetary value. With our newly developed and first-time used payment model, Hedonic Value Payment, you: Pay for experiences what you want!

Read more about this in our blog:

What is the new Hedonic Week?


Romantik Hotel The Alpina Mountain Resort & Spa

The 4-star Romantik Hotel The Alpina Mountain Resort & Spa is an exceptional boutique hotel that takes you on a journey through time. It was built in 1897 during the founding period of the Alpine hotel industry.

The hotel is located on one of the sunniest areas in the Grisons mountain village of Tschiertschen. Excellent regional cuisine, location and history are the elements that unite this hotel with under the Swiss brand "Romantik Hotels". 

exklusive kulinarik wird ihnen von den SSTH studenten geboten

Exclusive cuisine

Creative, traditional cuisine and unusual taste experiences are the focus of the culinary concept of the 4-star Romantik Hotel The Alpina Mountain Resort & Spa. Selected local farms supply meat and other ingredients that form the basis of our gourmet creations.

Event operated by young talents

The EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality Passugg provides practice-oriented training. Students benefit from a deep and well-founded insight into the hotel and gastronomy industry.

During their studies they gain a broad overview of all functions and processes in the hospitality industry and gain operational and management experience in practical projects.

The students are responsible for organizing the event evening and running the hotel exclusively on their own for 10 days.

Our Partner

Felix Benesch and Nikolaus Schmid

When planning the storyline, the students are supported and accompanied by the screenwriter and director Felix Benesch and the Swiss actor Nikolaus Schmid to make the production perfect.

Romantik Hotel The Alpina Mountain Resort & Spa

The event evening takes place in cooperation with the Romantik Hotel The Alpina Mountain Resort & Spa in Tschiertschen.