Bachelor of Science and Swiss Professional Degree in Hospitality Management

By choosing to study at EHL Campus Passugg, you will be immersed in a world of hospitality excellence. Everyday you will discover and practice new skills that will shape you as a future manager or entrepreneur.


What our students love:

  • Studying and practicing in Switzerland's top region for luxury  mountain resorts.
  • Living in a cosy former spa hotel with a boutique atmosphere.
  • The close-knit EHL Passugg community: every one knows and helps each other.
  • 4 internships to explore their favorite future career paths.
  • The amazing natural playground offered by the Swiss Alps.
  • Everyday is different!

What employers love:

  • Our graduates are ready to make an impact on day 1. with their managerial and practical skills. 
  • Two years of work experience by the time our students graduate.
  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship: our students always find ways to delight customers.
  • Strong empathy and communication skills that are the foundation for leadership.

One of our hidden gem:

Discover our multisensory concept restaurant, combining latest digital technology with gastronomy, and how it helps shape a brand new breed of hospitality leaders.