Alumni at EHL Campus Passugg look back at their hospitality studies in Switzerland

Our Students and Alumni share their Stories

Who better than our students and alumni themselves to talk about their experiences and adventures on the EHL Campus Passugg? Read their exciting stories about life and studies with us here in Switzerland!

Swiss Professional Degree "Hôtelière-Restauratrice / Hôtelier-Restaurateur HF"

In the international hospitality industry, professionals with high social competence, intercultural skills and entrepreneurial thinking are in demand. At the EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality Passugg (SSTH) we put entrepreneurial and practical thinking into practice with our competence-oriented management training.

Find out how others have experienced hospitality management studies at the SSTH and in the hotel industry.

Drishti Vora studies hospitality management at EHL Campus Passugg

Vora Drishti
Swiss Professional Degree

"I want to know what happens behind the scenes of hotels."

Swiss hotel management student Sandro Pucher shares his story

Sandro Pucher
Swiss Professional Degree

"I want to know what it takes to manage a hotel. "

Manuela Indergand chose to study hotel management in Switzerland

Manuela Indergand
Swiss Professional Degree

"I want to build my self-confidence."

Testimonial Cyril Egli HF Student at EHL Campus Passugg SSTH

Cyril Egli
Swiss Professional Degree

"I want a management education without Matura. "

EHL Campus Passugg is for everyone feeling passionate about hotel management

Federica Sandrini
Swiss Professional Degree

"I want live my passion for hospitality."

Bachelor in International Hospitality Management

Our EHL Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management teaches you how to run a hotel business from the ground up: from operational procedures and key management tools to corporate strategy and planning.

The Professional Pathway on the EHL Campus Passugg offers a deep immersion and broad overview of all functions of the hospitality industry and a lot of practical experience.

Nelson Martinez is an EHL Bachelor or Science Student at EHL Campus Passugg

Nelson Martinez

"I want a real life learning environment. "

Bertram Pak Hei Cheung shares his hospitality management study experience at EHL Campus Passugg

Bertram Pak Hei Cheung

"I want to study in small classes with close interactions. "

Jan Weiss Bachelor EHL Passugg lenzerheide

Jan Weiss

"I am constantly working on making my life more efficient."

Alexandra Brunner

Alexandra Brunner

"I want to further deepen my strategic knowledge in hospitality management."

Maxime ducroux Nice South of France

Maxime Ducroux

"Being part of the EHL family gives me inspiration, motivation and confidence."

Xenia Marchesini sees a lot of career potential in hospitality

Xenia Marchesini

"I want to make an impact."

Our SSTH Alumni Network

The SSTH Alumni Network is distributed all over the world. It contains over 5500 alumni from 87 countries.

Nowadays, networking is becoming more and more important both nationally and internationally. Personal contact, a common background and the same ideas of professionalism, loyalty and hospitality create trust. Get to know our alumni and perhaps one day become a member of this high-class network.

Sugandha Saxena is an Alumnae at EHL Passugg former SSTH Swiss hospitality school

Sugandha Saxena

"I wanted an education that helps me to start my own food business."

Ivan Breiter is a SSTH alumni who succeede in international hotel management

Ivan Breiter

"I wanted an international learning environment."

Ashish Maharjan studied hotel management at EHL Campus Passugg

Ashish Maharjan

"I wanted studies that allowed me to explore various areas of the hotel industry."

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