Our Professional Path into the EHL Bachelor Program at EHL Campus Passugg

Our Professional Pathway into the EHL Bachelor Program

Interested in an EHL Bachelor? Start an international career in Hospitality and Hotel Management with our Swiss Professional Degree.


The professional pathway at EHL

The professional pathway to the EHL Bachelor begins with the Swiss Professional Degree (also called Dipl. Hôtelière-Restauratrice/Hôtelier-Restaurateur HF), a hospitality management program taught in English with Swiss federal accreditation. Professional Degree graduates are eligible to top-up their degree with our Direct Entry Bachelor program. 

Professionals with strong people skills, intercultural competence and entrepreneurial thinking are in high demand in the international hospitality industry. An essential feature of the skill-based management training at EHL Campus Passugg is the focus on bringing together business and practical thinking into action.

Being highly motivated, responsible and self-dependent are requirements for this challenging training at the EHL Campus Passugg. Are you one of our future talents?



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Affective Hospitality Education at EHL Campus Passugg includes the teaching of soft skills

Affective Hospitality Education at EHL Campus Passugg

EHL Campus Passugg not only develops social skills - often also called soft skills - but also strengthens self-confidence, self-regulation, motivation and social awareness. Students are trained to be enthusiastic hosts with a good sense of themselves, their colleagues and guests.

We at EHL firmly believe: Only hotel managers who can create emotions and truly unique experiences will be successful in future. EHL thus equips its hospitality students with the right tools and emotional skills to become agile stage directors in the world of affective and emotional hospitality.




Which study courses does the professional path to the EHL Bachelor program include?

Hospitality management training at EHL Campus Passugg is dedicated to equipping future hotel managers with the necessary operational knowledge as well as the highly sought-after soft skills to become future leaders. Know the basis to be able to lead!

Step by step, your management skills and a holistic understanding of operations will be developed. The focus always lies on teaching the personal and social skills that a hospitality manager of the future will need.

You can find an overview of the course contents and internship semesters of the Swiss Professional Degree at our leading hotel management school below.

An overview of the additional bachelor semesters can be found here. 

The first semester at EHL Campus Passugg focuses on immersion in practice and self-reflection. The students should be able to identify: Who am I and what am I able to do? They will be introduced to practical kitchen and service skills in close cooperation with industry experts. They are given responsibility in our in-house restaurants and take care of their first guests.

The students are also introduced to the basics of our "affective hospitality" vision and a personal assessment helps them to recognize their potential. Emotional intelligence and soft skills are central to the hotel and restaurant industry. This is why we specifically promote team spirit, self-confidence, independence and customer orientation.

In the second semester, students further deepen their practical operational knowledge assisted by experts, with a focus on the guest relations and room divisions. In the front office area, students learn empathetic contact with guests at a practice reception desk, especially set up in the school hotel. Housekeeping teaches them what is involved in operating a hotel infrastructure.

In addition to the first practical experience gained within the EHL structures, the students are prepared for their first internship and promoted in the areas of self-management, professional appearance and communication.

For the first time, students immerse themselves in practice in the third semester. They now gain their first practical experience outside of the school. Personality development and self-reflection, among other things, are further deepened through regular feedback from the internship companies.

The fourth semester serves to deepen the skills needed to manage a hotel and its various areas in an international context. Students develop into independent managers. They take on more responsibility, contribute their knowledge from previous semesters and lead the younger classes as supervisors.

The students can apply their knowledge into real projects, contribute their creative ideas and implement them independently. They also learn to present and sell themselves and their ideas and projects to other students and guests in the best possible way and adopt a professional attitude.

In the previous semesters, students were trained to take on roles of leadership and responsibility and to empathize with cultural differences. They were also able to develop their own ideas and concepts. These skills now need to be deepened in management departments and successfully applied in practice.

The last semester serves to deepen and focus on the specific interests of the students. In the sixth semester, students can choose between two majors:

On the basis of best practice cases and workshops, students discover how emotions and experiences can be created. In practical projects, business plans and diploma theses they apply networked thinking. In a team they solve problems, make independent decisions and convince customers of their ideas.

Throughout the semester, students have various opportunities to take the initiative and test their own ideas. They have to show perseverance and bite in order to receive the diploma as stage directors who can play the emotional claviature of their guests.

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The duration of your studies depends on your prior work experience

We will be happy to advise you personally on the best option for you. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Individual study counseling

Bachelor in International Hospitality Management

Graduates of the Swiss Professional Degree can obtain a second degree in just 3 additional semesters through direct entry to the EHL Bachelor in International Hospitality Management.


Our majors for specialization

In the sixth semester, you can choose between two majors to deepen your expertise. Exciting workshops, expert advice and excursions await you in our in-depth seminars.

the ehl students on the passugg campus learn in culinary arts modern plating

Culinary Arts

What will you learn in our Culinary Arts major?

Hospitality management degree students are instructed in all important areas of Culinary Arts. The study program in the Major of Culinary Arts is based on four pillars:

Pleasure and Senses| Service Arts | Sustainability | Practical Projects

Discover more

you can study wellness and spa management at ehl campus passugg

Wellness & Spa Management

The Wellness & Spa Management specialization introduces hospitality management students to the basic principles of medical wellness management and explores its wider context.

Our hotel management students learn about tourism offers, processes and the market environment. Individual areas are specifically deepened from a conceptual, operational and business management point of view. A central focus lies on personnel development and recruitment in the Wellness & Spa area.

Discover more

Here you will find all the information you need to follow the professional pathway and study Hospitality Management at EHL Campus Passugg:


Costs and Financing

What does it cost to study hospitality management?

The costs of a hospitality management degree at EHL Campus Passugg consists of the tuition fees, the deposit for uniforms and teaching materials, lunch and the fees for services on campus. Depending on whether you live on campus or not, accommodation and meals will be added.

You can find an overview of the costs for the Swiss Professional Degree in our price sheet.

How can I finance my hotel management studies?

Don't forget that you will also receive an internship salary during the two internship semesters, which can help you to finance your studies. In addition, we at EHL Campus Passugg offer numerous opportunities for additional income in addition to the regular courses.

We offer interesting scholarship and/or loan opportunities for students

Will you have problems financing your studies? Our EHL Foundation for Scholarships and Honorary Loans provides financial support to international hospitality management students to enable them to complete their studies at one of the EHL campuses in Switzerland.

Info and Application for EHL Scholarship


For Swiss students or international students who have been residents in Switzerland for at least five years, the Tschumi Fond Scholarship is available to support you financially.

Tschumi Fond Scholarship


How to apply for your hospitality management studies

Your admission to the hotel management program at EHL Campus Passugg will be determined by your school-leaving qualifications, language skills, and work experience, which you may also be able to gain directly at EHL Campus Passugg.


Application Deadlines

We strongly encourage you to apply early in order to guarantee availability. Once the intake is full, you may be waitlisted for the next intake. Final decisions will be communicated approximately two weeks after your interview. 


August 2021 intake:

If you also wish to apply for financial aid from the EHL Foundation: January 31, 2021

  • Financial aid application deadline: February 28, 2021
  • Financial aid decision March, 2021
  • Please note, you must have an offer of acceptance to apply for financial aid.

If you require a visa to study in Switzerland (non CH & EU):  April 30, 2021

  • Please keep in mind that the student visa application process may take up to 3 months.

All other applications: June 4, 2021

  • You must contact admissions if you would like to apply after this date. If there is space in the class, your application may still be considered on a case-by-case basis.


January 2022 intake:

If you wish to also apply for financial aid from the EHL Foundation: July 31, 2021

  • Financial aid application deadline August 31, 21
  • Financial aid decision in September, 2021
  • Please note, you must have an offer of acceptance to apply for financial aid.

If you require a visa to study in Switzerland (non CH & EU): September 30, 2021

  • Please keep in mind that the student visa application process may take up to 3 months.

All other applications: November 5, 2021

  • You must contact admissions if you would like to apply after this date. If there is space in the class, your application may still be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Our step-by-step admission process

Minimum 18 years of age when entering the professional path into the EHL Bachelor Program at EHL Campus Passugg

17 years of age if starting with the Professional Internship Foundation (PIF).

Excellent written and verbal command of English is required. As proof, you are asked to submit one of the following international English certificates:

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) academic module, with a minimum score of 6.0
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) with a minimum score of 80 (iBT)
  • Cambridge Advanced Examination, with a C minimum
  • First Certificate Examination, with a score of A only

Alternatively, you can submit evidence that English was the main medium of instruction during your last three years of secondary/high school studies.

EHL Campus Passugg now also houses an official IELTS test center. The dates for the test days will be published on the website.

  • Final secondary school certificate/high school diploma in home country
  • Professional diploma (apprentice certificate)

Should you be in the final year of secondary or high school and wish to apply, evaluation will be based on predicted grades and/or results from previous years.

You can submit the results of your final exams and diploma certificates later, but always before the start of your studies at EHL Campus Passugg.

  • EHL applicants with hospitality work experience are given credit towards the total time required for completing the Swiss Professional Degree of up to one year (work certificates required).
  • EHL applicants who have not yet worked in the hospitality industry are required to gain 24 months total work experience by the beginning of the 6th semester. During the Swiss Professional Degree, two 6-month internships are integrated into the program and may be extended to allow for missing work experience.
  • EHL Campus Passugg recommends having at least 6 months’ work experience before starting the Swiss Professional Degree and offers to place applicants through our Professional lnternship Foundation (PIF) course.
  • Letter of recommendation: At least one letter of recommendation from a former teacher, school counselor or employer.
  • Motivational letter: A statement of motivation for entering the hospitality industry, and EHL Campus Passugg in particular. Please cover the following four questions and limit your statement to no more than two A4 typed pages: 
    • What attracts you to the hospitality industry?

    • What attributes do you think you have to be successful in the hospitality industry?

    • Why have you chosen EHL Campus Passugg and Switzerland?

    • How do you think EHL Campus Passugg can help you to achieve your goals?

  • Personal interview: Our admissions officer will schedule the appointment as soon as all documents have been received.

How to apply to EHL Campus Passugg? Find here our step-by-step guide to a successful admission process!


Admissions Process

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study path consultation  

Not sure whether you meet the admission requirements?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to discuss the best option for you within the EHL Education Group in an individual and non-binding consultation on your very own study path.


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What our students say about the professional path at EHL Campus Passugg

Find out what our students have to say about their hotel management studies at EHL Campus Passugg, their first study and work experiences and their future plans.

Get to know our students and alumni here

« The first two school semesters were very valuable for me. Thanks to the deep practical training, I was able to start working at the reception desk in my first internship semester in Wiesbaden without any problems and take on responsibility. »
Xenia Marchesini is an EHL student at EHL campus Passugg
Xenia Marchesini
Verona, Italy
« After my apprenticeship degree as a patissier, I was looking for further opportunities to develop myself. I then quickly came across the EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality, because here in Passugg you get a comprehensive management education without a high school diploma. »
 I came across EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality, because here in Passugg you get a comprehensive management education
Cyril Egli
Ollon (VD), Switzerland
« The passion of the lecturers for their profession has also infected me, igniting a real fire for hospitality and customer service here at the EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality. »
Federica Sandrini chose EHL CAmpus Passugg for its passionate teachers
Federica Sandrini
Lugano (TI), Switzerland
« The intense curriculum of up to 15 subjects per semester is very demanding. But this is the only way to gain insight into the most varied activities and processes in a hotel. So I'm glad that we also had business administration subjects such as financial accounting. That will certainly help me in my future career. »
Sandro Pucher was looking for a challenging hospitality education
Sandro Pucher
Gams (SG), Switzerland
« Before I started my studies at the SSTH, I had no experience in the kitchen or service practice. Here at the EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality Passugg, I got to know these workflows and was able to take a look behind the scenes of the hotel and gastronomy business. When I now go out to eat in a restaurant or stay overnight in a hotel, I know exactly what is going on in the background. »
Drishti Vora was able to take a look behind the scenes of the hotel and gastronomy business
Drishti Vora
Mumbai, India


What students especially like about the professional path into the EHL Bachelor Program

The Swiss Professional Degree, called the "Hôtelière-Restauratrice/Hôtelier-Restaurateur", focuses strongly on combined theoretical and practical learning, enabling students to gain a broader understanding of the hospitality industry. They benefit from a teaching approach geared to individual development.

Throughout the whole professional pathway within the EHL Education Group, students put their theoretical knowledge into practice in concrete projects.

during hedonic week the students take over with the Hotel Alpina an existing hotel for 10 days

Hedonic Week

The days of concept weeks and pop-up restaurants are over. We have ushered in a new era with Hedonic Week. The students take over the Romantik Hotel Alpina in Tschiertschen for 10 days under their own responsibility.

But that's not all: they also stage a unique and spectacular hotel experience. What do we mean by a Hedonic Week? Hedonic stands for pleasure and unique experiences, and guests can expect just that.

Discover the new hedonic project

hotelmanagement students participate in organizing a local market

The "Genussmarkt" of Andreas Caminada

In Fürstenau, the "Fall in Love" Genussmarkt by top chef Andreas Caminada takes place every September.

Producers from all over Graubünden present their products at more than 30 stands around Schloss Schauenstein while various star chefs offer excerpts from their culinary skills.

EHL SSTH helps organize the event with its students and impresses guests with its own pop-up restaurant.


The "Elysium" - A Multisensory Experience

In the digital restaurant "Elysium", students learn to construct emotions. An art form is used for this, which stages exclusive gourmet cuisine with the latest digital achievements to create a unique journey of experience that appeals to the guests using all their senses. The students stage the service, act as actors in the multisensory restaurant and cook for the occasions.

How to deliver an emotional experience in a restaurant? In the digital restaurant "Elysium", students learn to construct emotions.

About us

The No. 1 hotel management education that combines practice and management

Proven Swiss quality education: We believe in the opportunities of dual education and training and lead our established education system to international success. Our practice-oriented education combined with academic excellence ensures that our students are trained as hospitality professionals who are recognized worldwide for mastering the highest standards of hospitality.

EHL SSTH Studierende lernen Praxis und Management im Hospitality Bereich

We cover a wide range of courses with our curriculum, so that our students develop into sought-after managers. But good management also requires a sound knowledge of the operational basics. This is why our students learn the operative processes in the hotel and gastronomy industry intensively and from scratch.

Become an EHL student!

At EHL Campus Passugg, we have been educating the hoteliers of tomorrow for over 50 years. If you decide to earn a hospitality management degree and follow the professional pathway in Passugg, you will become a member of the EHL Education Group, the world's No. 1 hotel management school. You can be sure of an international reputation for your degree and an exclusive career network!

EHL Campus Passugg is member of EHL Education Group

No degree without connectivity

As a member of the EHL Group, the world's No. 1 hotel management education institution, EHL students at the Campus Passugg are free to pursue further education and degrees.

The graduates of the Swiss Professional Degree meet the requirements for crowning their training with the renowned Bachelor's degree in International Hospitality Management, HES-SO. This corresponds to the curriculum of the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne.

The Bachelor's degree is legally protected in Europe, complies with the Bologna guidelines and entitles students to continue their studies at the most renowned universities worldwide.

Short FAQ

We answer your most pressing questions regarding the professional path at the EHL Campus Passugg

The duration of your hotel management studies depends on your previous education and work experience. This can be min. 3 years to max. 4 years. Do not hesitate to contact us for a non-binding consultation on your study path.

In the English division of our hospitality degree, you will also learn German.

Group work is of great importance for the development of soft skills and intercultural competencies. In teams you will develop projects together throughout all semesters and learn more about yourself and different cultures. Exciting, isn't it?

Yes, Swiss and international students can apply for a scholarship if needed. Within the EHL Group, we can provide you with substantial support in financing your studies. Please feel free to contact us if you have any financing questions.

Depending on your visa and work permit, you may be able to pursue paid employment while studying. We offer more and more opportunities to earn a little bit extra at the hotel management school itself or at events.

Yes, we are happy to support you in any of your application steps; you can contact us at any time if you have questions.

Our personal tip: Have all documents ready and copy every single document. You can find more valuable tips on our EHL SSTH Blog!

Yes, social responsibility is very important to us. CSR is a strategic pillar of the EHL Group. We are strongly committed to sustainability and incorporate many activities into our teaching. In addition, our students are involved in project weeks in the 4th semester for the mentally disadvantaged or implement a benefit event for refugees.Together with the "Courage your Way" Foundation we offer some refugees the opportunity to prepare for their apprenticeship degree.

These are just a few examples.

Still uncertain?

Junior Academy for prospective hospitality executives

Not yet sure whether the hotel and gastronomy industry is an option for you? Immerse yourself in the exciting world of hotel management in this prestigious summer and winter program for high school students and prospective students. The one-week program with interactive workshops gives you insight into our EHL hospitality training programs.

Immerse yourself in hospitality

Practical courses give you the opportunity to discover the latest trends in the hospitality industry. Be a chef for a day and visit prestigious five-star hotels.

Business plans and practice projects

Our experienced lecturers will introduce you to the concepts of Hospitality Service Excellence. They develop your personal leadership and team skills in case studies and practice projects.

International fun and friends

Together with students from all over the world, you will experience a week full of cultural and international encounters in Switzerland and make friends.

Discover more

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Claudio Usznula Admission Officer und Kontakt an der SSTH Hotelfachschule Passugg


Talk to an alumni of the school

As a former EHL SSTH student, Claudio Usznula was once in your position looking for the right hospitality management education.

Do not hesitate to contact him with your questions; he will be happy to help you.


Semester Dates

When does the semester start?

There are intakes each year in January and August. Please check below for the semester dates. 

Note: These dates are subject to change

7 January 2021

Arrival and check-in for new students

8-10 January 2021

Introduction weekend for new students

9-10 January 2021

Arrival for returning semester students

11 January 2021

Start of the semester

21 May 2021

End of the semester

21-22 May  2021


5 August 2021

Arrival and check-in for new students

6-8 August 2021

Introduction weekend for new students

7-8 August 2021

Arrival for returning semester students

9 August 2021

Start of the semester

11 December 2021

End of the semester

10-11 December 2021


6 January 2022

Arrival and check-in for new students

7-9 January 2022

Introduction weekend for new students

8-9 January 2022

Arrival for returning semester students

10 January 2022

Start of the semester

20 May 2022

End of the semester

20-21 May  2022


4 August 2022

Arrival and check-in for new students

5-7 August 2022

Introduction weekend for new students

6-7 August 2022

Arrival for returning semester students

8 August 2022

Start of the semester

9 December 2022

End of the semester

9-10 December 2022


5 January 2023

Arrival and check-in for new students

6-8 January 2023

Introduction weekend for new students

7-8 January 2023

Arrival for returning semester students

9 January 2023

Start of the semester

19 May 2023

End of the semester

19-20 May  2023


10 August 2023

Arrival and check-in for new students

11-13 August 2023

Introduction weekend for new students

12-13 August 2023

Arrival for returning semester students

14 August 2023

Start of the semester

15 December 2023

End of the semester

15-16 December 2023